Hi Friends,
I want to install J2ME application on "S60 2nd Edition FP1 MIDP SDK". From command line I am able to run my JAD & JAR successfully, but when I put my applications JAR & JAD in <SDK>/bin/epoc32/winscw/c/nokia/udeb/install and run the emualtor through <SDK>/bin/epoc32/release/winscw/udeb/epoc.exe it gives error that "Invalid java version, cannot install".
The same application is running well when I run it from command line by, <SDK>/bin/emulator -Xdescriptor:C:\myApp\myApp.jad
I am using S60 2nd Edition FP1 MIDP SDK with java 1.4.0

Can some one tell me what's wrong in my deployment?
Is this to do with Java version?


Vikas Khengare