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    video player size


    We have developed a streaming solution/ http download also for S40/60 series, the funny problem is that the video plays full screen in the N70/72 series but when tried on a N95 it plays in a postage size, we are using our own video player and not real player, as we have a off line view count also as part of the app. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Milind Naik
    milindnaik (at) hotmail dot com

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    Re: video player size

    Could you please clarify the following so that I can try to address the problem better:
    * What do you mean by "we are using our own video player and not real player". In J2ME code how are you able to specify that? I assume your problem is in your J2ME midlet

    * Could you please give the link of the video file that you are playing.


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    Re: video player size

    "we are using our own video player"
    Howz that ?

    J2ME use only native player as i know
    -Praveen Saini
    Catalytic Software

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