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    Question Subscribe to packet data first!


    I'm developing a consumer application that requires GPRS connectivity. Browsing on a new PAYG SIM 6500 and 6310 fails and the message 'Subscribe to packet data first' is displayed. I assume that this is because the PAYG SIM is not enabled for packet data i.e. GPRS, or am I wrong?

    If this is the case then does the consumer then need to contact the network operator (Vodafone UK in this) to enable it? If so this is a barrier to using the application - is there an alternative?


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    Re: Subscribe to packet data first!


    There is also CSD connection possibility on the devices, but it's no sense to use it. And also question is that does the operator support it on this subscription

    It's wise to use the Packet Data connection.

    Some where said that is supports "plus free evening mobile Internet browsing."
    But, you should contact to the service provider, to get direct information from them.

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