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    RE: 7210/3510 bugs with polyphonic ringtone creation


    You could send these problem tones for me and I can try to solve this problem, smart.messaging@nokia.com.

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    7210/3510 bugs with polyphonic ringtone creation

    Hi, a number of people have been sending me sp-midi files that won't open in the 7210 or 3510, and I'd be interested in any feedback from readers who have been experiencing similar problems.

    Preliminary testing on the 7210 has revealed some strange and unexpected behavior, for example:

    One file won't open if channel 11 has been designated as another percussion track for the 7650, with bank change and patch change. If I take out the patch change then the file will open and play correctly in the 7210, but the 7650 no longer has the extra percussion. Placing the bank and patch change anywhere else in the track still has the same problem - even if that track is hidden from the 7210 via the mip message.

    A second file won't open if its size goes above 3Kb - meanwhile I can upload and play files as large as 10 - 14 Kb without trouble in the same phone, with similar number of tracks.

    I'm starting to wonder if my phone needs resetting, as these problems make no sense to me (although they obviously don't work in the original guy's phones either). All of these problem files are using the vibra feature - sometimes taking the vibra out will fix the problem (other than not having the vibra any more), and sometimes not.. I've tweaked everything in every direction - changing the mip, stripping it right out and starting again, changing the vibra track, deleting other tracks (sometimes this gets the file to go), deleting sections of tracks...

    There's too many variables, and no sense behind the problems.

    Are there known bugs in the operating system for the 7210 or other four voice phones? I welcome any thoughts or help people might have.


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