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    A relatively stupid question

    I'm not a programmer, but am looking to upgrade from my Psion Series 7 (running ER5) to a Nokia 9290. As I have a plethora of software already (much of it commerical/shareware) for this platform, I'm hesitant to jump right onto this new OS. Would I be able to port over my programs onto the phone? If so, would I require the original *.sis files? If not, is there any way to get ER5 software to work in ER6? Sorry for asking such a silly question, but I'd really appreciate any help you all could provide me. Thanks! I can be reached directly at rys3q@virginia.edu.


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    RE: A relatively stupid question

    There were changes in the OS - detailed below - and the UI changed a bit as well. For example screen size is different:
    Communicator :640x200, ER5: 640x240
    Communicator has no pen input device by default.

    These things quite challenge the application compatibility. You can copy your applications, but it is always better to have the sis-files. If you have their source, you might able to port them, but it need strong programmer skills.

    The most affected compatibility in areas: (extracted from 1.2 Communicator SDK Series Help):

    - most programs in EPOC C++, which handle either all character data, or all byte-oriented binary data, are 100% source compatible between EPOC Release 5 and Symbian platform Version 6.0
    - executable programs are not binary compatible, since the character width has changed
    - any data formats involving characters are not binary compatible, since the stored character formats have changed
    - source code compatibility is affected when code mixes character and byte handling, or when code relies on certain locale-specific text handling

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