I've installed Nokia 9210 Communicator Emulator on my Win NT machine and I'm writing an application which makes a call using JTAPI. The sample application in the Emulator's documentation lists the following steps:
JtapiPeer peer = JtapiPeerFactory.getJtapiPeer("com.symbian.javax.telephony.EpocJtapiPeer");
provider = peer.getProvider("EpocGsmMobileProvider");

But the statement:
provider = peer.getProvider("EpocGsmMobileProvider");

kind of hangs the Emulator, i.e. I can't type in anything on my input screen and the buttons don't work and I have no choice but to close the Emulator.

However, if I pass a null string instead of "EpocGsmMobileProvider", I get a ProviderUnavailableException.

Where does the getProvider method lookup "EpocGsmMobileProvider" service? Do I need to do any settings on Emulator/PC to make "getProvider" work?