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    Problem with py standalone app

    I've written a small app in Python. The app showing image in TopWindow when somebody is calling. When I start my app in Python Shell, everything works fine. But I wanted to have standalone app, so I made it with Ensymble and Python 2.5 on Windows platform. After installing stanalone app on my N80, it's not working well. TopWindow isn't appearing when there is incoming call, and I can't close app by itself (I have to hold SymbianMenu key and then press C key on selected app). Please help me with making standalone app.

    Here is source code of my app:

    P.S.: Sorry for my English. I'm still learning this language.


    I solved the problem myself. I forgot to specify capabilities for standalone app. After adding --caps:"NetworkServices+ReadUserData" in Ensymble command line, standalone app working fine.
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