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    Question PC-Cellphone Interfacing

    Hi. I'm quite new to this system and I just want to learn how to hook up my cellphone to the PC using a serial, LPT or USB (preferrably serial or LPT).

    I plan on writing a C++ program that will allow me to send info via SMS, and also recieve and decode information on the other end.

    Please help! I really don't know where to start! Thanks!

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    Re: PC-Cellphone Interfacing


    You can use USB and BT. You will need to create the module on the mobile phone (probably background running EXE server) and a PC client to communicate. if you have no experience with Symbian and you will develop it on your own, it will not be easy and could take monhts before having serios market ready results.

    You can try starting with this book:
    Programming PC Connectivity Applications for Symbian OS


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    Re: PC-Cellphone Interfacing

    Quote Originally Posted by stenlik View Post
    Programming PC Connectivity Applications for Symbian OS
    Note, however that the book is written primarily based on the Symbian/Intuwave PC connectivity stuff (m-router), which Nokia has not supported in any Symbian based (S60, S80) models for several years (the last S60 device with the support was the 6600, S60 2nd Edition = Series 60 2.0, and Symbian 7.0s).

    Today, the book is probably only useful if you develop for UIQ based phones.

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