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    6385 IR Connectivity Problem

    Cannot connect Palm Vx or Tungsten T to 6385 phone by IR or serial cable. Can connect to 6310i by IR fine. Have tried various Nokia drivers from Palm site as advised on other posts on this site. The phone responds with an immediate "data call ended" response. IR comm is being attempted, because the IR indicator on the phone display changes from flashing to steady.
    Given that this CDMA phone has IR connectivity as a selling feature, we want to eliminate the Palm/Cable/Kyocera CDMA solutions we have in the field. Somebody in your organisation must know the correct sequence of AT commands to allow a Palm to set-up a data call from this phone. Also, mystified why even a connection with no AT sequence will work on the 6310i, but not the 6385. BTW, if I use a terminal program on the Palm it can talk to the 6310i, but not the 6385. IR functionality overall is OK - you can beam a business card from the 6310i to the 6385.

    Nokia consumer support in Australia cannot help me - here's hoping you can.

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    RE: 6385 IR Connectivity Problem


    Questions related to drivers provided by Palm should be directed to Palm support. For the question about supported AT-commands, please visit Forum Nokia website for Nokia AT Command Set for Nokia GSM Products. The documentation includes also some commands compatible with your phone.

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    Marko Tuukkanen
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