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    xml through rfcomm

    i was just trying to use a bluetooth program to send queries and receive them from a Linux box...the response is looked up from a simple database...i was wondering how can i use xml for this (or anything else)and how to parse it in my symbian program to present it to the user in.

    im using rfcomm layer to data transfer and the sdk is 2nd edition fp2.

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    Re: xml through rfcomm


    there is the usage of CParse class:

      iParser = CParser::NewL( KMimeTypeTextXml, *this );
      iParser->ParseL( *xml );
    where, the xml variable is the HBufC8 XML data heap buffer pointer. The second parameter of the NewL() static constructor is the reference to the implementation of MContentHandler abstract class, which methods are called during parsing (i.e. classic SAX parser).


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    Re: xml through rfcomm

    i thank u a lot for ur reply, but the first part of my question remains is using rfcomm to transfer xml data (files)feasible.

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    Re: xml through rfcomm

    Hi s-factor,

    you can send any kind of data like xml, It is feasible, not an issue but you have to ensure that with your application this is feasible or not.

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