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    Arrow Problem In Mapping physical key mapping with logical key

    HI all!

    I developed a MIDlet to run on series 60 mobiles.i was tryning to test this with Series 60 3rd edition SDK and its emulator. when i deploy my MIDlet over sun's wtk emulator, it mapps the keys properly as below.

    Canvas.LEFT with Left Soft key of emulator
    Canvas.RIGHT with Right Soft key. similarly
    Canvas.DOWN,Canvas.UP and Canvas.FIRE- with up , down and select buttons of the emulator respectively.

    If the Same MIDlet is deployed on series 60 SDK to run in its emulator,It behaves as below...

    Canvas.LEFT is mapping with NUM1 and Canvas.RIGHT with NUM3 keys respectively instead of Left and right soft keys of the emulator.

    the same problem repeats with other Canvas Keys like Canvas.UP ,DOWN,SELECT etc.

    The Solution that I looking for is-Is there any API's/Class LIbs of NOKIA to associate appropriate actions with appropriate emulator keys.

    The Sincere Attempt will be appriciated irrespective of the correctness of the solution.

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