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Thread: 2760 Data Cable

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    2760 Data Cable

    Hi everyone,
    Need some help with finding out which Data Cable to link with pc, fits a Nokia 2760. Seems no one in Nokia help desk or phone supplier knows!
    But someone must!!!!
    Please help.
    Many thanks.

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    Re: 2760 Data Cable


    No cable for that model.


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    Re: 2760 Data Cable

    try this site http://www.getsmartmobiles.com.au/shop/thanks.php they say they have the cable u want 34.95 del in australia

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    Re: 2760 Data Cable

    There are no "PC" data interfaces on this device. I would use Bluetooth to connect to your PC.

    The Nokia AV 2.5mm interface allows you to get audio out/in = Analogue audio headset.
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