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Thread: 2 UI questions

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    2 UI questions


    I am new to J2ME. Couple of UI questions:

    1) Is it possible to bring my application from background to foreground [when for example a phone call ends and an event is received] ? Do you have a code example which shows how to bring your application into foreground ?

    2) Is it possible to cover the whole display of mobile phone or is there a restriction in J2ME how much of display I can cover ? What's the best way to load a GIF file from device and put on display to cover it ? any code example, pointer to information would be great.


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    Re: 2 UI questions

    1) Nope. And you do not receive an event when a phone call ends.

    2) Use canvas in full screen mode. java.sun.com/javame has likely some sample code for this


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