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    Please help a confused newbie!

    I've recently started developing an application which reads SMS messages from a phone connected via rs232.

    I have installed the Nokia Datasuite 3.0, connected my old 5110 and downloaded and installed the 2.1 SDK and got it all working - which is great.

    The problem is... I had hoped that installation for the end user would have been more slick and professional.

    So far, to get my application working, we need to install the Nokia Datasuite, the SDK 2.1 and then my app. That's three programs.

    If I don't install the Datasuite, then my program cannot see the phone and neither does the Nokia Connection Manager which appears in my Sys Tray.

    Do I really have to install the Datasuite first? This doesn't show as being required when reading the Nokia PC Connectivity guide - it doesn't mention it at all!

    So... do I need the Datasuite to be installed on my client's PC's along with the SDK and my App?

    If not - how do I get around this?

    Hope someone can help!


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    RE: Please help a confused newbie!


    For controlling the Nokia 5110 with compatible software when Nokia PC Connectivity SDK is installed it is not mandatory to have Nokia Data Suite installed, however it is recommended. You can check your application by using it without the Nokia Data Suite, it is also possible to make installation package that installs more than one application at the time. However in such case please check out the license agreements before proceeding, as licences might restrict such usage or distribution.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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