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    7210 operator logo - new formats...

    What kind of Operator Logo is supported by 7210

    Can anyone please get back to me on this: Normal Operator logos is black & white (wbmp format).
    The new phones (7210 as I?m working with at the moment) supports MMS and color etc.

    When I sent myself a regular operator logo it was like the old ones (wbmp). And looked like it normally do. But when I tested the free Club Nokia operator logo it was with color and it was based on (gif I think) since it had edges (it was transparent)...

    The picture is larger than the ordinary logos and is in color, but is not a wall paper!

    So my question is: What format is this, how do I make them (there is no support for this in the Data Suite for the 7210)?

    :-) Daniel

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    RE: 7210 operator logo - new formats...


    Color operator logo resolution is 100x50 and it can be .jpg or .gif image. MIME type is image/vnd.nok-oplogo-color. You can download them to the phone OTA.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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