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    9210i Wap problem

    Hi ,I'm developing a mobile banking WAP site as a grduation project using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
    I tested the site with more than one simulator and it was fine.
    but when I tested it using a N9210i mobile I got the error "error in XML Document" so what's the problem.Please help.

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    RE: 9210i Wap problem


    It is impossible to say what could be the problem here based on that error description. There can be several issues with the code.

    I would advice you to use Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1 (can be downloaded from forum.nokia.com) for the application creation. It is possible to validate the code with the Toolkit. Unfortunately there isn't a simulator for Nokia 9210i Communicator, but you can e.g. set the Mobile Browser window to match the communicator's screen size. You do know that the Nokia 9210i Communicator supports only WAP 1.1 specification?

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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