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    Volume control keys & APS in N95

    I am hooking the volume control key press by implementing MRemConCoreApiTargetObserver interface. I use APS v2.31 to play the amr file.

    The volume control key press events are notified fine when the application is idle. But when application is playing some audio, the volume control key presses are not delivered to my application. Looks to be APS obsorbs this and never forwards the event to other listeners. This strange behaviour only happens in N95(only verified OS v9.2 device from my side).

    There is no issues with any other 9.1 device i tested so far.

    Do you guys have any idea?

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    Question Re: Volume control keys & APS in N95

    this strange behaviour is observed only when APS v2.31 is playing some audio.

    Nokia guys, is this a known issue in 9.2 devices, if so pls post this in WIKI so that we dont have any issues in signing process

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    Re: Volume control keys & APS in N95


    I am facing exactly same problem. I tried APS & VAS both. In both cases.. as soon as streaming starts the volume control keys stops coming to the application. Without streaming the callbacks for key press events are working fine.

    Looks like you faced this problem one year back.. and Nokia has no answer to this problem.

    Could you find any workaround here..??


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