Hi there,

I've made a small application that'll make use of the accelerometer in a mobile with PyS60 installed. You'll need the Python shell installed to be able to run it (I have not made it into a .sis file.)

Here it is: http://projects.mezane.org/verlet.py

What you should see is a box that'll move in whatever direction that the phone is tilted. So if you tilt it right, it'll slide to the right of the screen, and the velocity will vary depending on the amount of tilt. In addition to this, it also applies forces from the acceleration of your phone. So if you hold your phone upright so that the box falls to the bottom of the screen, then move your phone quickly upwards and stop abruptly, the box will fly upwards as you'd expect.

This has only been tested on an N95 8GB and since this is the first Python script I've attempted I'd appreciate input on my code.

I'm positively surprised at the simplicity of developing applications using Python and also at the responsiveness of the accelerometer!