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    Max Text col length in DB

    Hi All!

    I wann know the maximum text col length in DB
    I have seen D32DBMS.H Its explains about KDbDefaultTextColLength

    I wann know the maximum limit for this.

    There is KDbMaxStrLen which is 256.

    So is 256 is also a limit for max text column length in db..?

    Even though my text column is created with lenght of 1024.. while writing to db.. app crashes with E32USER-CBase 65 if text length crosses 256 limit.

    Its irrelevant..at least at client side

    In IPC The maximum length for a generic DBMS string is 256, which might be transferred from DBMS server to the DBMS client using IPC.

    Just need confirmation from experts about max text column length

    Shilpa Kulkarni

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    Re: Max Text col length in DB

    The text and binary columns can only store 255 bytes, if you want to store more than 255, you can look for Long column types like LongText8 ( EDbColLongText8 ), LongText16 (EDbColLongText16) and LongBinary (EDbColLongBinary) etc..

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