It has come to my attention that many WAP developers have some degree of problem encountered one way or the other.

Unfortunately, most of these problems were the result of the developer's non-understanding of the situation and they would post erronuous description to their problems.

In one instance, a developer would describe his problem as some MIME-TYPE SETTING os SOMETHING only to find out that his phone do not have username/password to connect to the dial up server.

Since you are having a problem, and obviously does not know what is happening and therefore does not know how to explain the problem, I suggest that you would post your URL as well.

By taking a look at your ACTUAL WML pages coming from your WEB SERVER would we (the trouble shooter) be able to scrutinize where the problem is, ie:

It would greatly help us that way to help you out.

Posted by Jaime Teng,
on May 31, 2000 at 05:07