Virtual Machinery is delighted to announce the release of Version 6 of its Java BTree implementation. Virtual Machinery have been providing BTree solutions in Object-Oriented environments since 1989.

Of particular interest to developers in the J2ME community will be our implementation of the BTree using JSR75 as the underlying data persistence layer. This essentially gives developers a true file-based implementation that is identical to that produced by our product on J2SE and J2EE environments. The BTree files created on any environment can be copied and used in other environments. Virtual Machinery have continued their support of RMS-based and 'disconnected' Btrees from previous releases. 'Disconnected' Btrees allow data to be read, updated and stored over an HTTP or Socket connection.

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Virtual Machinerys BTree product is a set of classes which implement a BTree in Java. These classes give fast access to textually indexed data. Full source code and extensive documentation are provided. Versions are also available for a number of Smalltalk platforms. Virtual Machinery's BTree classes for J2ME add micro-footprint functionality to your BTree. Using Sun's Wireless Toolkit application BTrees can be built for small footprint devices (such as Phones and PDAs). In both J2SE and J2ME environments a set of classes is provided which implements read-only BTrees at a reduced spatial cost, with increased performance.

B-Trees are highly efficient data storage systems used by a number of operating systems and languages e.g. Novell, MUMPS. They provide rapid access to stored data using textual keys. The B-Tree presented here is in fact a B+Tree - this is distinguished from other B-Trees by its use of two files - one holds the indices and the other holds the indices and data. The index file is much smaller than the combined total of all the indices since it holds only the first index to each page in the index file.

The distribution includes BTree implementations and sample code for J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE environments. Full documentation is provided as is an option to purchase source code. The file format of the BTree is identical on all three Java platforms. Utilities are provided to file BTrees out to native OS environments over Sockets. These can be read by our J2SE and J2EE versions. Source code for these utilities is included in the base distribution. Virtual Machinery also provide a Toolkit for their BTrees which can be used for diagnostic and maintenance purposes.

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