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    SDK 3.0B with Nokia 6310i


    With my new Nokia phone (6310i) came a Synchronization Software but it cannot fulfill all my wishes.
    I would like to write a small programme to synchronic my Outlook with my Phone. (Calendar, Contacts, ToDoList)

    I am able to read some Calendar entries (e.g. Meetings, Birthday ) but I am not able to get the Date of the Memo_Calendar_Entry
    in the object_catalog is written:

    Property EndDate As Date
    Property StartDate As Date
    but both of them give me am error "automatizations error unknown"
    All the other implementations for the Calendar work fine!

    The other Problem is that the Sample for the Phonebook isn't working at all. I have read that it is copied from the 2.1 SDK so where do i get Code Samples for the new 3.0 for my 6310i ?

    Thanks for help

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    RE: SDK 3.0B with Nokia 6310i


    The sample applications included at the Nokia PC Connectivity SDK are for older phone models like 5110/6110 and are only intended for guidance in application development. There is currently no other sample applications available than included in the SDK.

    For the question related to Date of the Memo I will check if there is any problems with this feature in the SDK and post response to this Discussion Board after solving this.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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