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    Looking for a powerful Web Browser

    Hi guys,
    I recently started a home-based online job. I use internet explorer but I it gives a lot of error messages while surfing. I want a browser that provides more features and I wish to open multiple sites in a single window task. Can anyone help me with a suitable and powerful web browser?

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    Re: Looking for a powerful Web Browser

    This forum is for mobile browsers not PC Browsers. I however have a couple suggestions for you. If you haven't updated to IE 7 do so, it is XHTML compliant where IE 6 isn't. FireFox is a good compliant browser and it has an add on to open mulitple pages with tab views. All the latest toys are built for FireFox first so if you like bells and whistles and to be able to customize that might be for you.

    Rather than have this turn into a PC Browser discussion I am going to close this thead.


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