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    Exclamation Help: Nokia series 40 theme dovelopment. [Nokia Theme Studio 1.2]

    I'm using the theme studio to create themes for a n6070 phone. but when i send the finished theme file to the phone and try to apply it, a "Not enough memory" message pops and i can't apply the theme.

    When i created the theme, i altered the icons of its menu. Icons are in PNG format for transparent background. The source of the PNG icons are 128 x 128 PNG files reduced to fit the size of the icin to the actual size.

    What should i do? The phone still has a lot of memory [1.2 mb over its total capacity of 2.5 mb].

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    Re: Help: Nokia series 40 theme dovelopment. [Nokia Theme Studio 1.2]

    Pls check whether you're using card memory or phone memory while transferring the theme to your phone. If the size is less than the available memory then there shudn't be a problem.

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