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    How to push message using push initiator program?

    I want to push the message using the push initiator program that written in java to the mobile browser or any nokia mobile simulator that support wap.
    I had try to push using the push editor in nokia mobile internet toolkit 3.1, it's work.
    But, I want to push through the sample java program that can found in the sample folder. May I know how to do that? Do I need any gateway? Can I push it without gateway?
    I use tomcat as my web server. I had successfully load a wml page through tomcat.
    Thanks in advance.

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    RE: How to push message using push initiator program?


    If you want to send a push messages, you need access to a Push Proxy Gateway (PPG) and PPG sends push messages to numbers which you have specified.

    Forum Nokia document partition contain also Dynamic WAP application examples, one of those cover push service example.

    WAP Push Info page document

    Pete / Forum Nokia Developer Service

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