I'm creating a label like this:
RESOURCE DIALOG r_text_dialog
  flags = EEikDialogFlagWait | EEikDialogFlagFillAppClientRect | EEikDialogFlagNoTitleBar |
          EEikDialogFlagNoDrag | EEikDialogFlagCbaButtons;
  items = 
      type = EEikCtLabel;
      prompt = "";
      id = ETextInfoField;
      itemflags = EEikDlgItemTakesEnterKey | EEikDlgItemOfferAllHotKeys;
      control = LABEL {};
The problem is that I can't change the extent so it covers the whole dialog app rect (which now is half transparent).
This or changing the background of the dialog to solid white would work but havn't managed to do that either.

Anyone know? Or is there a better way to get a fullscreen dialog that only shows text?