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    Signing applications for new handsets of the same platform


    Could someone please clarify what the situation is in the following instance:

    We have an application which has already passed Symbian Signing and in its PKG the following devices are (for example) listed: N95, N80, E65, E61. So NOT the full Series 60 Platform ID - just these specific MUIDs are detailed.

    However, we now want to add the following devices to the PKG file: N81, N81, N95 8Gb.

    My question is: will our application need to pass Symbian Signed testing on each of these 3 new devices or is it sufficient to just test on one of the devices? i.e. if we find in our internal testing that the N958gb passes Symbian Signed testing, is that sufficient to expect that when we submit the appliation for true Symbian Signing, it will pass for all 3 of these new devices?

    Or, as we suspect due to slight variations in each device, do we need to run internal Symbian Signed testing on ALL 3 devices in order to determine any slight differences that may occur in each of them which could lead to failures?

    If there is someone we can speak to about this on the phone then please let me know as we would like to get this matter cleared up as soon as possible.

    Many thanks


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    Smile Re: Signing applications for new handsets of the same platform

    Hi Julian,

    Certainly you should be sure for the devices you want to add in the list.
    Let me explain you: If you have developed one application which is based on Camera part. Now if you give generic product id of S60 3rd edition, then think about the case with E61 where it doesn't have camera. So this will certainly fail in Test House.

    So you should be rather more perfect on testing it on the devices you want your application to run.


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