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    Nokia Device Families and Parent Devices


    I have another question about signing for different devices on the S60 3.x platform:

    I have heard that there are different devices families within the Nokia S60 3.x device range, and also parent devices for each screen resolution.

    Could someone please let me know where the official details of these device familes and parent devices are to be found?

    Many Thanks


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    Re: Nokia Device Families and Parent Devices

    A way to work out this is based on the device specs here:

    Look at each device spec, and note the CPU info, possibly also display and S60/Symbian version info. Then look up from Nokia press releases when a device was announced, and when it started shipping:

    Once you've worked out which device of a particular display/CPU combo for a particular S60 version, you probably have the "parent device" for that combo (of course, could also be, e.g., the second device instead of the first, if one project caught up and finished before the one that started first).

    This approach won't give you the absolute truth, but probably something close enough.

    I don't think there's any official published "family tree" of device info that you're looking for.

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    Re: Nokia Device Families and Parent Devices

    This page details the information I was looking for:


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