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    Back light control issue

    Hello every one

    I'm using Nokia n95 and in one of my applications I would like to take control over back lights.

    To do so I use CHWRMLight Api. Everything is working pretty well when I control primary display and keyboard and secondary keyboard. The interesting things happen when I want to play with these options:

    There is also ECustomTarget4 but for my Nokia it is not available and when I try to reserved it application crushes.
    Instead I can perform this function:

    light -> ReserveLightL((CHWRMLight::EPrimaryDisplayAndKeyboard | CHWRMLight::ESecondaryKeyboard | CHWRMLight::ECustomTarget1 | CHWRMLight::ECustomTarget2 | CHWRMLight::ECustomTarget3), ETrue, EFalse);

    But when I try to just after that turn lights off:

    light -> LightOffL(CHWRMLight::EPrimaryDisplayAndKeyboard | CHWRMLight::ESecondaryKeyboard | CHWRMLight::ECustomTarget1 | CHWRMLight::ECustomTarget2 | CHWRMLight::ECustomTarget3);

    This doesn't work. I can only call function like that:

    light -> LightOffL(CHWRMLight::EPrimaryDisplayAndKeyboard | CHWRMLight::ESecondaryKeyboard | CHWRMLight::ECustomTarget1);

    I wrote simple Active Object call which check status of light every 1 minute and if it's on turns it off again. I'm able to read status of ECustomTarget2 and ECustomTarget3. First time when I check status of ECustomTarget2 I get 0, which means 'StatusNotKnown'. I run turn off function on it and the status is still 0.
    But on the second run of my 'loop' status of ECustomTarget2 is off. Like it should be after calling off function.

    For me is a head scratcher I don't understand why I can't control ECustomTarget2, when it seems that I can reserved it. I'm not so sure if I read other CustomTarget's status correctly. Because I read that all are off and I can see that light under volume button on the side is shining.
    Can someone can give me an idea how I can really switch these lights on and off whenever I want not the OS?? Maybe some one knows which physical buttons are actually represent by Custom Targets in Nokia N95??

    Thank You in advance for a discussion upon this problem

    Best Regards

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    Re: Back light control issue

    Can anyone help me out here?? If something is not clear I would be happy to explain it but please ask question first

    Best Regards

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