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    AT commands to send sms from pc by n70

    Hello to everybody,
    I have developed an easy java module to send sms from my pc using AT commands to control my n70. I'd like to suggest some small tips to develop a similar application:
    1. Verify the availability of a particolar AT command (I use Hyper Terminal) before to use it (es. AT+CMGS=?, only if this instruction returns OK your telephon can send sms)
    2. Have a small time between sending of two commands, remember that process time is very slow compared to transfer-rate from pc to your telephone
    3. Wait for "OK" befor to send next AT command (as before)

    For example, the follow AT command sequence can be used to test sms sending:

    [OUTPUT]+CMGF: (0,1)
    at+cmgs="<telephone number to send sms>"
    > <text of the sms>
    > ->(end of text message: press CTRL + Z )

    Now I'd like to make some questions to clear my doubts about the many posts and views that I have read till to now and that are very contrasting (because only few people reports running examples, much other replies with links to other posts):

    1. I'm now sure that I can send sms by my n70 using AT commands, but can I read them using the same commands?
    2. Why if do I use the command "at+cpms=?" I receive the empty set "+CPMS: (),(),()"
    3. Why if do I use the commands "at+cmgr=?" and "AT+CMGL=?" they give me "ERROR"

    Thank you
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