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    SyncML over BT - Is it going to happen?


    I am a Mac user and would love to be able to use iSync. I am in the process of buying a new mobile for this purpose.. I like the 7650 and the upcoming 3650 but from what I read online, Nokia phones will not work with iSync at the moment as they do NOT support SyncML over Bluetooth.

    Is this something that Nokia is going to address and if so, can the 7650/3650 be upgraded at a later date??

    My other option is to buy a Sony Ericcson (T68i or the upcoming P800) which will work with iSync. However, after owning 4 Nokia phones so far, I would be disappointed to have to change now..

    I would appreciate any comments on this...



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    RE: SyncML over BT - Is it going to happen?


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