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    System error(-1), Application closed, Alloc:2ae42e940

    I'm facing a problem. One of my application runs very well on the emulator. But from now on when I import the same application after updating it from another PC, it builds well. But when I click on the emulator to open it, it shows "System error(-1)", then "Application closed", "projectName" Alloc:2ae42e940. I used Carbide 1.2.

    Would you please help how to solve this?

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    Re: System error(-1), Application closed, Alloc:2ae42e940

    -1 means KErrNotFound and Alloc: means a memory leak.

    You need to find out what it is that can't be found - a dll, a resource file etc. etc.

    You have a memory leak because when something can't be found a part of your code is probably leaving and you have allocated an object but not deleted it.
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