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    help needed abt platformRequest(Url)


    Is it possible to invoke the default mp3 player(real/audio player) from the midlet using platformRequest(URL) method...

    if possible can u send me how to call the platformRequest Method with mp3 file url,ie, in which form the URL should be for an mp3 file from the local filesystem in S60 emulator.


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    Re: help needed abt platformRequest(Url)

    Not possible


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    Re: help needed abt platformRequest(Url)

    Platform request is basically used to invoke a call or sms from whithin your application..

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    Re: help needed abt platformRequest(Url)

    platformRequest(String URL) requests that the device handle the indicated URL.The submitted URL can result in quite arbitrary actions depending on the nature of the service the handset supports(Audio/video playback, SW install, subscription activation or whatever). so, it is possible to invoke the default mp3 player from the midlet using platformRequest(URL) but we are not able to say that it is possible for all devices(such as we cannot say all MIDP2 devices support). But, surely it is possible if the device you work supports its service. Then, you have to provide the appropriate URL which describes the type.

    See this URL in NOkia Forum : http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...es/audiovideo/

    You can see the following lines in the above mentioned URL,

    Play a local file or RTSP stream using the S60 Media Player and RealPlayer engine
    - Use MIDlet.platformRequest to launch the platform Media Player

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