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    Using mobiles's own sounds

    I am developing a game in j2me. I want to use some sound alerts in my game. Is it possible to use mobile's own ringtone and sound alerts im my application.....so that I won't need to include sound files in my application.


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    Re: Using mobiles's own sounds

    Check first whether your phone supports jsr75.also check whether these ringtones reside in the phones filesystem and also whether they can be accessed.If the files can be accessed create a player using the MMAPI and play the sound when you need it.

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    Re: Using mobiles's own sounds

    It is possible to access the ringtone files by using JSR 75. But JSR 75 is a secured API so u have to sign the application by atleast a 3rd party signature if the game is being developed targeting Europe and US market. So, I recomment to include those sound file in the jar file and use it, it is the efficient and reliable way eventhough your jar size will be a little more.

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