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    Problem to process APDU on real external smartcard


    we have a tricky problem to solve so now we have to call nokia community for help

    We use the Nokia 6131NFC with an external Oberthur Cosmo Dual smart card.

    1- We have installed an applet on a card successfully.
    2- We can select the applet by process an APDU SELECT command normally.
    3- But after that, when we process proprietary instructions the card always responds 9000 (OK) and seems to not process our APDUs with customized instructions.

    My questions are:
    - Is there a specific class byte to put on APDU in order to reach processAPDU method of the applet? Currently, we have set CLA to 0x00 but we have tested 0x80 too...

    - Is there a specific channel to listen on applet to get APDU from mobile phone over NFC? Perhaps with the 2 bits of channel selection, like 0x03 for example?

    Our development is an emergency, can someone help us?
    Thanks a lot!

    Romain Pellerin

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    Re: Problem to process APDU on real external smartcard

    Hello again,

    we have fixed our problem, thanks a lot for your support!


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    Exclamation Re: Problem to process APDU on real external smartcard


    how did you solve your problem?

    More importantly, would you please (or anyone) post some links to documentation on sending APDUs to a Java Card from 6131? i.e. a J2ME Midlet communicating to an external Java Card (sending APDUs and receiving responses over ISO14443 A/B).

    Any sample code, examples would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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