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    SMS request a reply??


    I'm new to this and this may be a newbee ? but I'm hoping someone can help.

    I would like to know how this works.
    Example: text "prize" to 426315.

    My web application receives the request and reads the word "prize", then sends the user back a text message with information on how to claim the prize.

    I just want to know where the example number 426315 comes from. Is this assigned by the phone carrier?

    Hope that make sense.


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    Re: SMS request a reply??

    The SMS short codes are usually assigned by a local (country) regulator (ministry of telecommunications, or such) and/or incumbent network operator (carrier) depending on the country/location:

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    Re: SMS request a reply??

    Thanks for the information, it is alot of help.

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    Re: SMS request a reply??

    This can also be done by use of a shared short code.

    eg Text TEST to 64446

    64446 receives the message and forwards it to the owner of the keyword TEST.

    This is much cheaper and easier than buying a short code.
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