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    Question How to record directly to memory card?


    I'm getting "Memory Full" errors after recording a few minutes of audio, despite the fact that the target device (a 2GB SD Card) is mostly free.

    It looks like MMAPI records to the phone's internal memory until commit() is called, when the recording is copied to the target stream. With only 8Mb free phone memory, this is going to be pretty limiting. :-(

    Is there a way to use the memory card for recording? The built-in recording apps all seem to record directly to the target file.


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    Re: How to record directly to memory card?

    Have you tried changing the default recording size?

    At least that should work on S60 devices. Which device are you using?


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    Re: How to record directly to memory card?

    Hi Hartti,

    Thanks for the suggestions. FYI, the phone is a Nokia 6110 Navigator (24.01) with firmware V 03.58.

    I tried setRecordSizeLimit(Integer.MAX_VALUE) which is supposed to "remove the record size limit". I also tried setting the record size limit to a large value other than Integer.MAX_VALUE. Neither of these change the behaviour. Even though I requested more recording space than was available on C:, it did not change the recording device. This function is meant to return "The actual size limit set" suggesting that some checks might be done, but it always just returns the size that you specify. The docs also say that commit is called implicitly when "No more space is available", but it doesn't do this either so the recording is lost. Calling commit in this state just gives:

    java.lang.RuntimeException: StopRecord failed: -18

    I also tried recording to streams (setRecordStream) and files (setRecordLocation).

    It seems to make no difference. In each case I can watch the free space on "C:" diminish to zero before it gives "Memory Full".


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