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    the best way to update/load software to a 7650

    hi can anyone help a newbee to the 7650!!
    what is the best way to connect my pc to the 7650 to upgrade games software etc. and what should i put on it/where from.
    what version of windows should i have as ir from a laptop with xp will not see 7650.
    please help.

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    RE: the best way to update/load software to a 7650


    You can get information about Nokia 7650 phone and Nokia 7650 PC software from http://www.nokia.com under Support section. Also information about supported operating systems can be located from that section. You can connect to Nokia 7650 with IrDA or Bluetooth, if you are using desktop/laptop PC you can find compatible Bluetooth adapters or PCMCIA-cards for this purpose. With IrDA you need to make sure that the infrared adapter is compatible with IrDA standard and is also supported by your PC. You might also need to check if the adapter is supported by the Nokia PC Suite.

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