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    Question about launch App


    I have 2 App, launch App and main App, launch App will check if main App is already installed on handset , if not, install main App, if yes, run main App, I have 2 question:

    1. How could I know if main App is already installed on handset?

    2. When I use RApaLsSession::StartDocument to run main App, I will give main App a string as arguments, how could I get the string argument in main App ?

    My App is on S60_3rd, and my main App is CApaApplication base with CEikApplication, CApaDocument and CAknAppUi


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    Re: Question about launch App

    The key word is "search", as in:
    • Search the website before posting a question, or
    • Search for the application in the installed apps list.

    1) See this technical solution: TSS000257 - How can I get a list of all applications currently installed on a phone?

    2) Search some more
    -- Lucian

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