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Thread: Help on WML/ASP

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    Help on WML/ASP

    Hi, I am new to the whole concept of WAP/WML. I am at the beginning of the process of developing an application that will feed WML pages to a WAP phone. The pages will be created real time according user input on the phone. For example, consider an application where a Wherehouse manager queries inventory on his mobile phone and the results are displayed for him real time.

    We have an application that does that using webbrowsers and my task is to port it to WAP devices. In that technique we use server side processing using ASP pages and the pages are dynamically modified according to the user requests.

    Is there are any resources on WML/ASP that will be helpful to me to achieve this task.


    Posted by Lakshan Wannakuwatte, lakshan@cimvision.com
    on June 02, 2000 at 02:52

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    RE: Help on WML/ASP

    Posted by Noella Wong, nwong@phoneonline.com
    on June 02, 2000 at 16:21

    I suggest you to go to the following url. It may be the source you are looking for.

    Noella Wong

    Link: http://www.corobori.com/WAP/default.asp

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