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Thread: Can't select AP

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    Can't select AP


    I am using the latest D211 SDK. I have 2 questions:

    1. I have problem to get any SSID using the WLAN MIB control API. The call to
    Req_WlanMib_Get(hIpc, MIB_WLAN_CONN_NETNAME,...)
    returns error all the time.

    The call to
    Req_WlanMib_Get(hIpc, MIB_WLAN_SET_NETNAMES,...) works!

    2. I would like to know the range of the MIB_WLAN_CONN_SECURITY_MODE and MIB_WLAN_SEC_MODE and also the meaning
    (ex. 0 = no security, 1 = WEP etc...) it is not in the manual.


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    RE: Can't select AP

    Answer to 1:
    The card has to be in WLAN mode and connected to a network, otherwise Req_WlanMib_Get() returns MIB_STATUS_INVALIDMIB or MIB_STATUS_NOTSET. The buffer for the returned network name must be at least 33 bytes long and the length argument should be initialized with the size of the buffer. The following code fragment has been verified to return the SSID successfully (within the conditions mentioned above):
    BYTE buf[33];
    DWORD len(sizeof(buf));
    DWORD status=Req_WlanMib_Get(hIpc,MIB_WLAN_CONN_NETNAME,buf,&len);
    Answer to 2:
    MIB_WLAN_CONN_SECURITY_MODE and MIB_WLAN_SEC_MODE can be a combination of the WEPMODE_-values defined in wlanmib.h.
    Best Regards,
    Nokia D211 Support

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