Below is a code that is part of an activex dll that i write to trap the SMS that is being received by the phone, so that i can manipulate the result. My problem is: Why is it that when i debug the code i noticed that the "index" parameter of oMsgSink_ShortMsgReceived procedure always contains zero? I Am expecting a value to be that of the index on the SMS list in the phone's memory. Can you provide a sample on how to trap the message? Am using a 7110 phone and using SDK 2.1., Besides the some properties returned of the "pSMS" parameter contains blank values for example the "OtherEndAddress" and "UserDataText" properties. Hope someone could provide a working example on this.. Thanks..

Private Sub oMsgSink_ShortMsgReceived(ByVal SMSMemory As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_MEMORY_LOCATION, ByVal Index As Long, ByVal pSMS As SMS3ASuiteLib.IShortMessage)


If IsBusy Then GoTo Retry_Again

With pSMS
udtSMSText.STI_MobileNo = .OtherEndAddress ' Senders mobile Number
udtSMSText.STI_Message = .UserDataText ' Message Received
udtSMSText.STI_SvcCtrAddr = .SCAddress ' Service Ctr. Address
udtSMSText.STI_InHouseSvrDateTime = Now() ' Server's DateTime
End With

IsBusy = False
RaiseEvent MessageReceived(udtSMSText.STI_Message, udtSMSText.STI_MobileNo, udtSMSText.STI_SvcCtrAddr, udtSMSText.STI_InHouseSvrDateTime)
End Sub