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    Running MidletSuite on real Pocket PC

    Hi All,

    I have created a project with Midlets and when run my midlets on my laptop its perfecly working but now I try to run the same application on my Windows Pocket PC. I try to open the JAD and also JAR file. its saying "This java application is not compatible with this device". I installed Mysaifu JVM also but my JVM saying ClassNotFound Exception if I try to open my midlets.

    Can anyone please tell me How can I open my application in POcket PC.
    Do I need packages like WAR or EAR.


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    Re: Running MidletSuite on real Pocket PC

    Hello Aruna Gottimukkala,

    in case you fail to receive any answers here, try searching some more Pocket PC-oriented discussion board from the Internet (using words like pocket pc discussion for searching should be sufficient).


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