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Thread: header file

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    header file

    I have following declaration

    #include "WebRelatedInc\WebClientEngine.h"

    class GoogleTranslateAgent: public Agent
    GoogleTranslateAgent(CWebClientEngine* worker);
    void IssueHttpRequest(TDes& content);
    void Parse(TDes& content, TDes&parseResult);


    CWebClientEngine is defined in the WebClientEngine.h file

    the Agent.h is in the same folder (namely, WebRelatedInc)..do I need to include the Agent.h in this header file? I got undefined identifier 'Agent'..

    but when i include Agent.h file in this header, i got class 'Agent' redefine..and i am sure that I don't define any class Agent in the class CWebClientEngine

    here is my definition in the Agent.h

    #include "WebRelatedInc\WebClientEngine.h"
    enum AgentType;

    class Agent
    public: //function

    virtual void IssueHttpRequest(TDes& content)=0;
    virtual void Parse(TDes& content, TDes&parseResult)=0;
    AgentType getType() const
    return type;

    public: //memeber
    CWebClientEngine* iworker;
    AgentType type;

    can some one help?


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    Re: header file

    just add these two lines on the top of the agent.h header file:

    #ifndef __MY_AGENT_H__
    #define __MY_AGENT_H__

    and this line into the end:


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