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    How to put my Symbian game app in the "Game" folder in 7650?


    I have written a game using Symbian and build a .sis file to install the app to a 7650

    The app just be placed at the same level of "game" , "application" folder.
    How could i put the app into the "game" folder?
    Isn't it i need to modify the .mmp, .pkg files?

    Thanks very much.


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    RE: How to put my Symbian game app in the "Game" folder in 7650?

    The Menu application shows virtual folders which are not depend on the physical location of the application.

    Unfortunately there is no possibility to install applications into a special virtual folder of the Menu application. Even the add on Nokia Games are installed to the Menu application's root folder. If a Game already in the Game virtual folder, the next version installed to the same folder.

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