Display a form/canvas as your current displayable. Set its title.

Now create a new instance of a Form/Canvas (to test it, create it on a command click). Just create it. Dont make it as the current displayable.

The problem is that the title displayed of the current Form/Canvas now changes to that of the name of the Midlet(as specified in the Jad)!

This title will return to its original correct title, if you show an alert over this form/canvas, and then remove that alert.

Another note, If you show an alert over a Form/Canvas, the title of the Form/Canvas that can be seen behind the alert changes to the name of the Midlet.

Even though the title displayed shows these strage behaviours, the getTitle() method still returns the correct title itself. The the actual title displayed on the screen is showing the strange behavior.

Seems to me that this is a bug. This happens both in S60 Emulator and in Nokia N75. But have no problem in Sun Java Wireless Toolkit.

Thanks in advance.