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Thread: What's wrong?

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    What's wrong?

    I need to write a simple (vb6) application to send sms on WindowsXP. The phones i have are 5110 and 7110. I have some serial cables that work fine with nokia logo manager and some shareware ocx controls. SDK 2.1 and 3.0 beta does not recognize phone or reports errors 6675 and 7xxx. Is it a problem in cable? One of them is using some 9v battery and the other one is just a two connectors with no any electronics... What type of cable do I need for those phones? How do i recognize it?

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    RE: What's wrong?


    The problem is caused by the cables used. Please use only supported cables, using other non-supported cables could damage the phone and will also end all warranties given to the phone. With Nokia 5110 DAU-9P cable should be used and proper cable for Nokia 7110 is DLR-3P.

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