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    Question Get pixel by pixel

    hello guys consider that i have an rgb image taken from a camera by

    byte[] raw = videoControl.getSnapshot(null);
    Image image = Image.createImage(raw, 0, raw.length);
    now i want to analyze pixel by pixel to see if the color of any pixel corresponds to skin color or not... well i wont ask u to get the exact value of skin color.... can anybody just tell me how to scan each pixel to see if its of a particular color that i want....and if it is i want to replace it wil another color... what should i do to get this result????

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    Re: Get pixel by pixel

    There are some vendor specific Api's using which you can get the pixel by pixel data for ur image,but as io told its purely VENDOR specific.Other wise you have only the getRGB option to get the rgb value.
    Thomas John

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    Re: Get pixel by pixel

    oh i see...hmm so i cant make this application be executed in all the phones that supports j2me...

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