Hi there!
here is my problem:
When user logs-in : he is authenticated, and if success directed to
mainMenu page. So the url of mainMenu is http://127...../login.do?

There are some Lins on mainMenu page to navigate in the site. When i
click on some link say "view profile" and hit "back button" to come
back to my previous page - it is obviously taking me to the
http://127..../login.do?un=t&pw=t url. But unlike IE or other PC
browsers which just display the page, it is performing the login.do?
action again and authenticating the user automatically and then
taking me to mainMenu. Here I am saved, as it isn't causing any big

But this continues as all my other pages/links contact server and are
redirected from there. In those cases it's really becoming a huge
problem, For ex:

From mainMenu - I click on "remove item" link and remove an item from
DB. After doing that successfully I will be redirected from the
server back to my MainMenu and this time the URL of my mainMenu page
will be http://127..../removeItem.do?item=123
When I click on some other link on mainMenu say "view profile" and
hit "back button" to come back to my previous page - it is taking me
to the http://127..../removeItem.do?item=123 url and this time it is
really taking me to the removeItem page, instead of mainMenu.

I don't know how I can make it behave like IE which usually redirect
to such server-redirected urls and doesn't try to perform the action
mentioned in the url.

Any suggestions/ideas will be of great help.

Thank You