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    !jes-1e3-java-mma@1c79d4 s60 error while creating snapshot


    I am trying to capture an image .
    The program is working with sun's emulator.
    once install and running in Nokia device s603.1 I am getting an error !jes-1e3-java-mma@1c79d4.
    code where error is coming is

    byte[] raw = mVideoControl.getSnapshot("encoding=png");

    I tried encoding = jpeg which is also giving the same error


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    Re: !jes-1e3-java-mma@1c79d4 s60 error while creating snapshot

    Hello Sabu,

    which device is this s603.1? Is it an S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 device? Could you please elaborate more, for example, enter *#0000# when the device has the Active Standby view on and then let us know what information the phone displays.

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